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jane gifford is a writer and photographer specialising in travel, garden, wildlife and environmental issues


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jane gifford's photography and writing has often been featured in magazines like Country Living, Homes & Gardens, Country Life, The English Garden, House & Garden, France Magazine, Italy Magazine, Italia!, Country Homes & Interiors and many others over the past 20 years


samples of jane gifford's work as a writer & photographer on following pages


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jane gifford  author & photographer

jane gifford conceived, photographed and co-authored a book with Professor David Bellamy
Wilderness Britain - a greenprint for the future

Oxford Illustrated Press 1992

it was supposed to be titled 'Wilderness Britain - a man-made landscape'. the paradox was important. feminists in the office objected to the term man-made and since no suitable alternative was found, the title had to change.

on the strength of this book jane gifford was invited to design and photograph the 1994  International Kodak Calendar

jane gifford is author of

The Celtic Wisdom of Trees - mysteries, magic and medicine

this was first published in hardback UK and USA 2000. first UK and USA paperbacks were published 2001

jane began the project in the late 80s, inspired by Robert Grave's translation of the poem The Battle of the Trees, taking the photographs and researching the subject for many years.

jane produced the rough design for the book for David & Charles 1998. jane owned the copyright to the entire work. David & Charles and their contract were great to work with.

David & Charles was taken over soon after. this delayed publication by one year. Godsfield Press & US publisher Sterling took over the project.

then Hamlyn bought Godsfield Press. we weathered the takeover storms but eventually got lost in the flood. sadly a typical story of modern-day takeovers.

D&C's contract & jane's copyright to the entire project was ignored. subsequently a book loved by many disappeared. we hope it comes back ....

there have been many paperback runs with Godsfield Press & Hamlyn. the latest run of UK paperback is called The Celtic Wisdom of Trees  

In USA the book is called The Wisdom of Trees.


The Celtic Wisdom of Trees - mysteries, magic and medicine has been translated in to Japanese and German.


for more of jane's work visit   www.italiangourmettravel.co.uk


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Wilderness Britain
greenprint for the future
Bellamy & Gifford 1992


The Celtic Wisdom of Trees
UK hardback 2000

The Wisdom of Trees
US hardback 2000

The Celtic Wisdom of Trees
UK paperback 2001 

The Celtic Wisdom of Trees
UK paperback 2006  

The Wisdom of Trees
US paperback 2001

The Wisdom of Trees
UK paperback 2006.  

The Celtic Wisdom of Trees
Japanese hardback 2003

 The Celtic Wisdom of Trees
Japanese paperback 2006

The Magic of Trees 
German hardback 2007

copyright ©  jane gifford 2016

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